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Shoot Right News 19/02/2016

Due to increased demand and support from our existing customers we are pleased to announce that Shoot Right Products Rat Smoker is now available again.
Please note the new contact details listed under Contact Us. All other old address information is now redundant  and has been replaced with the new owners details, all contacts should be made to the new details.

Rat Attack Smoker Mk2

Designed by hunters for hunters

The all new construction built by us in Devon, has made a great tool even better. Rat Attack Smoker Mk2 comes with 1ltr of the all new formulated none flammable rat smoke with 5ltr re-fills available. This new formula has been developed for better bolting off rats from burrows.

Nicknamed the Silent Assassin by David Mcblain who stared in the film "Gangs of New York" and with the Donny Rat Pack in "The Ultimate Ratting Set" DVD by Rallyscene.


arrow All metal one one piece construction
arrow High wind flame protection
arrow Easy light ignition system
arrow None flammable rat smoke fluid for better bolting
arrow Fast heat up time
arrow Takes the cheaper butane disposable gas canisters
arrow Totally serviceable

Rat Attack Mk2

Now you can smoke out those rats without the need of a noisy old chain saw screaming in the background and oiling up.


The unit is heated by a propane canister and uses our specially formulated Rat Attack fluid to generate high density smoke. This unit is very simple and convenient to use with many features that include hand on and off controls with self-igniting starter switch provides a positive ignition, no matches needed.

Built on the success of the Rat Attack Smoker Mk1 we have now developed a sturdier and lighter version with many new features that is just as silent as the old version.The new smoker uses a new none flammable smoke formula that does not make the rats as drowsy and has better bolting properties.

The unit is from an all metal construction with quality UK produced and made parts, this now makes the unit easily serviceable by any handy person.

It now takes the standard fitting cheaper screw in Propane / Butane mixed gas canisters that are easily available from any DIY store.

Listening to users of the existing smoker we have now made the unit with a new heat and wind shield and much stronger burner to prevent it blowing out.

You no longer require the extension lance for directing the smoke from the unit down holes. You just simply point and fire in the smoke.

This unit is an absolute must for any serious ratting person to add to their tools of the trade. Take a look at the demonstration videos below to see just how easy it is to use.